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Leaders in Criminal Justice Services

ASAP has served courts and counties by providing the most advanced and reliable alcohol and GPS monitoring solutions. Our mission is to use our solutions and programs to change lives and better our communities.

ASAP is a privately held company and its sole purpose is to assist the justice community in monitoring and rehabilitating offenders. We have successfully partnered with various Law Enforcement agencies in the monitoring of offenders.

Customized Service Plans

ASAP prides itself on working with each jurisdiction individually to customize a service plan that is able to meet the needs of law enforcement at the most competitive prices. ASAP is an expert in providing electronic monitoring and other services aimed at increasing public safety in our communities. ASAP has quickly become one of the fastest growing offender monitoring organizations in Missouri.

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Flexible Billing Options

ASAP is able to offer multiple billing and fee collection options to our customers. We believe in using flexible payment plans and sliding scales to address indigent offender populations that are in need of services and are required to pay for services themselves.

High Quality Service

ASAP’s desire to provide highly flexible and attentive services alongside the most reliable monitoring equipment makes us a logical choice for many agencies. Whether the agency is in need of GPS tracking, alcohol monitoring, house arrest services, or private probation case management services, ASAP will be able to provide a high quality service at a fair price.

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